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Q: I had to go to an Independent Medical Exam for my workers' comp case. Can I be paid for my travel to and from the IME?


Yes, an injured worker can be paid mileage for his/her trip to an Independent Medical Examination. To make sure you get paid what you are owed, you should record your starting mileage and ending mileage and submit it to the adjuster who is handling your file. If you are unable to drive yourself or get a ride to the IME, the insurance company will set up a ride for you.

On a bigger note, it's important to remember that the IME doctor is there to examine you for the purpose of formulating an opinion that can help the insurance company in future litigation or to send you back to work. It's important that if you have an IME coming up or recently attended one, you contact a workers' compensation attorney to determine what your rights are moving forward.