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Facing serious injuries after a Pennsylvania accident

The Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers have compiled a list of their most frequently asked questions in response to the overwhelming number of people who need help with the personal injury claim process in Pennsylvania. If you are injured and need help dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company, read on to learn how to protect your legal rights.

Q: This morning I received a citation for a number of offenses involving winter driving laws—can you clarify why that happened?

Q: What Does A Dram Shop Case Mean In Pennsylvania?

Q: What should I say to the insurance adjuster after my West Shore car crash?

Q: With tax season approaching, should I expect to pay taxes on my auto accident settlement?

Q: Why should I hire a lawyer for my Harrisburg car accident injury claim? Won’t I get more money by doing it on my own?

Q: I know the general protocol for most car accidents, but what should I do in a hit-and-run accident?

Q: I keep reading that if I file my own Pennsylvania car accident claim, I’ll be outmatched by the insurance adjuster and her legal team. Is this true?

Q: What Does my Credit Rating Have to do With Purchasing Insurance?

Q: Why is the other driver’s insurance company treating my soft tissue injury like it never happened?

Q: If a client has selected limited tort and is injured in a car accident with another driver who is intoxicated aren't they able to sue for pain and suffering?

Q: If a client has made a valid limited tort selection and is hit by a car as a pedestrian can they still bring a claim for non-economic damages.

Q: I represent a person who is limited tort. However, she was injured in a car accident by a driver who lives in Maryland. The driver was operating a vehicle owned by his friend who lives in York. Since the driver who caused the accident is from Maryland doe

Q: When can my child stop using a booster seat in Lancaster?

Q: Are car airbags safe for expectant mothers in a Harrisburg car crash?

Q: What are the laws in Pennsylvania regarding cell phone use or texting while driving?

Q: What is the best way to protect my head, neck and back from serious injury in a Harrisburg rear-end collision?

Q: I broke my hip in a serious Harrisburg car wreck. Why is a femoral neck fracture so hard to treat?

Q: What items should I carry in my car to protect myself during severe Lancaster winter weather?

Q: What is the Pennsylvania Yellow DOT Program?

Q: What steps can I take to combat aggressive driving and reduce the risk of being involved in a Lebanon car accident?

Q: How Often Do Car Accidents Occur?

Q: Am I eligible to make a claim for personal injuries if I am injured in a work related car accident which is caused by another person?

Q: Is fatigue a major factor in causing car accidents?

Q: My son was severely injured in a Harrisburg car crash. The police report referred to it as a tripped rollover accident. What does that mean?

Q: What causes a Harrisburg rollover car accident?

Q: What should I do immediately after a Harrisburg car accident?

Q: Should pregnant women disable airbags and take off their seat belts to avoid hurting their belly in a car accident?

Q: Do I really have to wear a seat belt? My granddad always used to say that a seat belt is death trap. He told me that if you’re going to collide with another car, it’s best if you can be thrown free to safety before the cars crash and explode. Is that righ

Q: Last month, a car struck me while I was jogging. I have been suffering intense pain in my side and lower back ever since. Is it okay for my legal rights if I seek treatment from a chiropractor rather than a physician?

Q: What is negligence? I’ve seen the word used a lot on your website in relation to traffic accidents, but I don’t understand the concept.

Q: My car was struck by another in a parking lot when I was Christmas shopping a year ago. Nobody was seriously hurt, but my car had a little damage. The other driver refused to give me his insurance information because he didn’t want his rates to go up and

Q: My passenger and I were both injured when the car I was driving was struck by another car last summer. The young man driving the other car had his license for less than a year, and the police found him at fault. I believe we are going to settle this case

Q: A few months ago I was hurt in a Lancaster County car accident by driver who had been using drugs. Although the police found marijuana and other drugs in the other driver’s car, there was something wrong with how they handled the evidence and all criminal

Q: Does My Auto Insurance Cover Damage Caused By Potholes?

Q: What does it mean to my personal injury claim if the driver who caused my Harrisburg car accident has been charged with a DUID?

Q: What’s the law regarding cell phone use in Pennsylvania, and how does it apply to my personal injury lawsuit?

Q: What can I do if I don’t think the insurance company is offering me enough money for injuries I received in a Harrisburg car crash?

Q: Who pays for my car repairs when the accident is not my fault?

Q: How can I improve my chances of winning my auto accident case?

Q: What should I do if I was in a car accident with a CAT bus?

Q: How can I prevent my teen with ADHD from getting into a West Shore car accident?

Q: Is there any care I can give to my vehicle that could prevent a West Shore car crash?

Q: What types of auto insurance might cover an accident that occurred when my car slid in a pile of wet leaves in the middle of the street and hit a telephone pole?

Q: How can I keep my teen safe while driving?

Q: What should I do if I’m hurt in a car accident that is far from my home?

Q: Necessary to Replace Child Car Seat After Collision?

Q: Minimizing Distractions When Kids Are in The Car

Q: What are the signs that my tire is about to separate?

Q: Can I receive compensation for the seat belt injuries I sustained during my auto accident while in Lancaster?

Q: Can I bring a wrongful death claim against a drugged driver who ran a red light and killed my husband?

Q: How common are distracted driving accidents in Pennsylvania?

Q: If I settle my car accident case out of court, will I be paid right away?

Q: Passenger Deaths and Filing Wrongful Death Claims

Q: I recently moved to Pennsylvania from another state and I am about to buy auto insurance here for the first time. My insurance agent is highly recommending limited tort coverage, and it’s cheaper than full tort. Is limited tort insurance a good deal?

Q: I had internal injuries after my auto accident in Harrisburg. I tried handling everything myself with the people from the insurance companies, but they were rude and I just can’t do it alone. Once I hire an attorney, what happens next?

Q: Who To Contact After a Car Crash

Q: I’m an avid runner. It’s great for fitness, and I really enjoy morning and evening runs now that summer is here. But I’m concerned about being hit by a car while I run. What can I do to reduce my risks of a pedestrian accident in Pennsylvania?

Q: Do I qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Q: What is a contingency fee? I have been looking for a good attorney after my car accident in Lebanon, and everyone mentions contingency fees—but I don’t remember them from my divorce in 2009 or my DUI case a few years before that. Is this something new?

Q: My teenage son was involved in a car crash on I-81 last night. He’s been driving under a junior driver’s license for five months. He had another teen passenger in the car with him. My son and his girlfriend had minor injuries, and there was extensive dama

Q: What should I do if the driver who caused my car accident doesn't have insurance?

Q: What Should Be In a Car Emergency Kit?

Q: What should I take pictures of at the scene of my car accident?