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Q: Minimizing Distractions When Kids Are in The Car

You are driving down I-81 and can barely think with all of the noise coming from the backseat of your car. Your kids are playing on their tablets, and both have the volume turned up as loud as possible. You’ve asked them repeatedly to turn the volume down, but nothing has happened.

With all of this noise—it’s almost impossible to drive safely, and you’re worried that one day you will get into a car accident. Short of leaving the kids at home, you’re not sure what to do.

Minimize Distractions as Much as Possible

Working out a plan with your kids may prevent them from causing distractions that could end in an accident. The following are a few guidelines:

  • Minimize television and radio noise. Alert your children that the television, radio, tablets, hand-held gaming devices, or whatever activity they like to play with in the vehicle will be kept to a minimum volume. When you ask them to stop or turn the volume down, they must do so.
  • You won’t adjust anything. Looking away from the road to adjust the radio or put in a DVD could cause you to get into an accident. Let your kids know that you won’t adjust anything while you are driving and that they shouldn’t ask you to do so.
  • There are no raised voices in the car. Shouting, crying, and talking too loudly can cause you to lose your concentration. Tell your children that they are not to raise their voices while you are driving—create consequences if they do.

If Your Efforts Fail

No matter how safe you drive, you can still become the victim of a car accident. If this happens to you, you’ll want to have the help of an experienced and compassionate legal team to help fight for your rights.

The law offices of Schmidt Kramer want to help. Contact a Harrisburg injury lawyer from our firm today through our website or by giving us a call and find out how we may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.