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Q: I know my shoulder injury is because of my job, but I can’t remember exactly when it happened. Can I still file a West Shore workers’ comp claim?

Your job requires you to pick up heavy items and lift them onto pallets above your head. As far as you know, your shoulders were healthy and pain-free prior to your job, but now, five years later, you can’t go a day without taking a pain reliever. You firmly believe that your problem is because of your job, but since it wasn’t one specific incident that hurt your shoulder, you’re not sure if you can file a workers’ compensation claim.

Most Likely, Yes

Workers’ compensation isn’t always given because of a specific accident; folks can receive it due to injuries that took years to form due to repetitive motion and overuse. This type of injury is called a cumulative trauma.

You’ll Need a Doctor to Agree With You

A doctor will need to examine you and determine if he thinks your injuries are caused by the tasks performed on your job. If the doctor doesn’t give you an answer you think is correct, you can get a second opinion.

Common Types of Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Many different injuries fall under those caused by cumulative trauma—including carpal tunnel syndrome—and those that have to do with the back, wrists, legs, shoulders, and neck.

If you believe your injury was caused on the job, contact the West Shore workers’ comp attorneys of Schmidt Kramer. We have helped many hard workers receive the compensation they deserve, and we might be able to do the same for you. When you call, we will go over the particulars of your case and help you better understand your rights.

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