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Q: Is there any care I can give to my vehicle that could prevent a West Shore car crash?

Your vehicle needs care all year long, but particularly in the summer. The Pennsylvania heat can wreak havoc on your automobile if it isn’t maintained properly. If your vehicle malfunctions because of the heat, you could become involved in a West Shore car crash. Here, an attorney discusses some of the care you can give your vehicle that may help to keep you safe.


Your tires keep you moving and require a good amount of care in the summer. Check their pressure regularly, as the heat can cause the tires to lose air and deflate. Also ensure that your tire has enough tread to prevent you from skidding and sliding in the rain.

Hoses and Belts

Your vehicle’s hoses and belts are used to sustaining hot temperatures, as they work near the engine. The summer heat, however, causes even more stress on the pieces, which can result in their becoming brittle, frayed, cracked, or become loose. Hoses and belts that aren’t functioning properly could cause a break down, and leave you stranded in the hot weather.

Filters and Fluids

Check your vehicle often to ensure its filters are clean and the fluids are at the proper levels. Dirty filters can waste gas and cause the engine to have to work harder, which could cause your vehicle to lose power. Additionally, the heat can cause the fluids in your vehicle to disappear quicker. Check your engine oil and power steering and transmission fluids often.

If despite your best efforts, you are still the victim of a West Shore car crash because of someone else’s negligence, the attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help. All too often we’ve watched accident victims get let down by the insurance companies won’t pay what they are owed.

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