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Q: My Social Security disability claim for back pain was denied. What do I do now?

Social Security disability benefits are designed to help you make ends meet when you are completely disabled and unable to work. However, proving that you qualify for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult. You must prove that your back injury is so severe that you are unable to work at all and that your injury is expected to last for a year or more.  

Lack of Medical Evidence

Many applications are denied due to a lack of medical evidence. If you file a claim for Social Security disability benefits, you must prove the existence, severity, and duration of your disability or impairment. This may require the following types of information from your current and past doctors:

  • Complete medical history
  • Records of physical examinations
  • Laboratory and clinical findings
  • Copies of lab results
  • Report of mental status examination
  • Detailed notes from your physician
  • Documented diagnosis of medical condition 

If your Social Security Disability benefits were denied based on lack of medical evidence, you may need to get additional documentation from your physicians.

Insufficient Information

You may not know all of the information or documentation that you need to file an adequate Social Security Disability claim. The agent handling your case may think he has all the information you intended to submit—he may not contact you to let you know that you need more information. If this happens, your application may be denied, and you will need to submit the additional information as part of an appeal.

A Denial Doesn’t Have to Be the Final Answer

Your Social Security Disability claim may have been denied for any number of reasons. It could be a simple administrative error, lack of medical evidence, or failing to show how your disability affects your daily life and your ability to work. Whatever the reason, you do not have to accept the first answer as the final answer. Instead, enlist the services of a Harrisburg Social Security Disability lawyer from our firm to help you obtain the benefits you deserve and need.

Are you ready to learn more? Download a free copy of our important report, Your Guide to the Social Security Appeals Process, to you get the answers you need. Or if you prefer to talk to someone right away, contact our office using our live chat.

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