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Q: Can I sue my boss because I was injured while on the job?


Of all the jobs you’ve held in your life, you’ve never been hurt while performing them, until today. Not only are you in pain, but you’re frustrated and stressed thinking about the situation in which you were injured. How could your boss allow this to happen?

The more you thought about it, the more angered you became. Not only will you lose money because you can’t work, but now you also have medical bills to worry about. Can you sue your boss to recover the amount you’ve spent on doctors bills and lost wages? Here, an attorney discusses the situation.

To Sue or Not to Sue

Sure, you’re angry and upset and you want someone to pay for what happened to you. However, you’ll need to decide if a lawsuit is the best choice. Here are two helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • Can You Sue Your Boss? Typically, the answer is no, at least if you want to receive workers’ compensation. In exchange for receiving the compensation, employees give up the right to sue their employers for pain and suffering.
  • Can You Sue the Person Who Injured You? You work in a warehouse and the person who operates the forklift was looking at his phone instead of watching what was going on in front of him. For this reason, he hit you and caused you to break your hip. In addition to receiving workers’ compensation, you feel he should be held responsible for the doctor’s bills you’ll have to pay. Suing him is an option and may help you receive the money you need to cover these added medical expenses.

We Can Offer Help

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