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Q: Who pays for my car repairs when the accident is not my fault?

There are two ways to receive payment for property damage when involved in a Pennsylvania car accident that is not your fault — through your own insurance company or through the at-fault party's carrier.

Our recommendation, and the fastest and easiest way to deal with repairing your vehicle is through your own insurance company. If you purchased collision coverage on your policy, your insurance company will pay for repairs after you pay the deductible. The at-fault party's insurance carrier may reimburse the deductible later.

You also can choose to have your insurance company present the claim to the insurance carrier of the person at fault for the accident. If you choose this option, you may face significant delays in fixing your vehicle. The at-fault party's insurance coverage should pay for your repairs, including the deductible. However, Pennsylvania law only requires $5,000 in property damage coverage in a policy, which may not be enough to pay for the repairs. If you decide to go this route, discuss all details with the insurance company regarding total reimbursement.

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