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Q: What is the definition of disability as it pertains to Social Security in Lebanon?

Because of the devastating injury you experienced a few years ago, you are unable to walk, and the physical pain you feel is usually unbearable. You tried to go back to work, but doing so was impossible because you couldn’t concentrate due to the pain, and the painkillers you have to take make you drowsy. You believe you are disabled and want to file for Social Security, but you’ve heard that many people are denied. Knowing what the definition of “disability” is may help you understand how the process works and give you an understanding if you may be eligible to receive the benefits or not.

The Definition of Disability

  • You cannot perform the work that you did before.
  • The Social Security Administration decides that you aren’t able to perform other types of jobs because of your condition.
  • Your disability has lasted, or is expected to last, for more than a year or result in death.

Total Disability Is Required

The Social Security Administration does not pay for partial disability or short-term disability. The Administration assumes that working families have access to other resources that can offer assistance during periods of short-term disability—such as insurance, savings, workers’ compensation, and investments. For this reason, the Social Security Administration only pays to those who qualify for total disability.

If you are counting on Social Security to provide you with financial assistance, you can feel devastated if you are denied. The SSD lawyers of Schmidt Kramer have helped many people in similar situations as you qualify for Social Security even after they were turned away.

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