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Q: How can I keep my teen safe while driving?

It is every Pennsylvania parent’s worst nightmare to hear his or her teenager is involved in a fatal accident on I-83, Rte. 30, or any other road in York or the surrounding area. Unfortunately, such a tragic event happens all too often. According to the Centers for Disease Control, motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer among teens, taking about 2,800 lives each year.

What Can Parents Do to Keep Their Teens Safe?

The driving force behind teen crashes is inexperience. Fortunately, you may be able to reduce the risk of a fatal accident by getting involved. Here are two tips that have worked for other parents:

  • Extend your teen’s supervised driving period. Just because your teen is old enough or meets the qualifications to drive alone, doesn’t mean he has to. As the parent, you are able to control his driving privileges—especially if he doesn’t yet have his own car. Don’t allow him to drive alone, at night, or with friends if you feel he is not mature enough to handle the responsibility. Teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than older drivers are, due to inexperience and immaturity.
  • Set the rules. As the parent, you are able to create driving ground rules for your teen. Prohibiting him from driving at night or with others in the vehicle could prevent a crash. After all, nighttime crash rates for 16-year-olds are nearly double what they are during the day. Additionally, two out of three accidents that involve teen drivers occur when other young passengers are in the vehicle.

When the Unthinkable Occurs

Unfortunately, accidents happen to even the best teenage drivers. When your child is the victim of a crash caused by another driver, you likely have questions regarding his future. The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help you find those answers.

Contact us today to speak with a legal professional and find out how we may be able to help you and your teen move forward from the accident.