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Q: Will my Social Security disability benefits ever be cut off?

While your Social Security Disability benefits should never be cut off for no reason, there are several things that may cause your benefits to end. This can be an incredibly stressful time for people, especially after they worked so hard—and waited for what feels like forever—to receive the benefits in the first place.

Whenever there is a major change to your qualifying factors, such as your disability or your other income, you can expect to see a change reflected in the benefits you receive. While the change may range from subtle decreases to being outright cutoff, these events are generally easy to anticipate. These life changes may include factors such as:

  • Your income reaches or exceeds a certain amount. If you work while collecting SSDI benefits, your income is measured against your substantial gainful activity (SGA) amount, which is set at $1090 for non-blind workers. Amounts you earn above your SGA will result in a gradual reduction of your benefits. Working for long periods of time above the SGA could result in your SSDI benefits ending.
  • You retire. At your retirement, your disability benefits will be replaced by retirement benefits.
  • Your medical condition improves. If the Social Security Administration notes that your condition has improved, you may no longer be considered disabled.
  • Your living conditions change:  If your living situation changes considerably, such as going into a nursing home or even being incarcerated or institutionalized, you may no longer be able to collect benefits.

These are just a small number of the ways that your disability benefits could be adjusted or ended. If you have concerns about your benefits, our firm can help—call one of our offices today, or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our SSDI attorneys today.

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