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Q: Can I receive compensation for the seat belt injuries I sustained during my auto accident while in Lancaster?

You were driving home from work on a rainy afternoon, when traffic suddenly came to a standstill. You were far enough behind the vehicle in front of you that you were able to stop before crashing into the bumper. The truck behind you, however, was not—and slammed right into you. Your seat belt prevented you from going through the windshield, but it broke your collarbone as a result. Are you able to receive compensation for this type of injury? Here, an auto accident attorney discusses the matter.

Go to the Doctor

Before you begin your attempts to receive compensation, you must first receive a doctor’s examination. The doctor will create a record that states that your collarbone was injured because of the collision, and will start a treatment plan to help you get better. This medical record is extremely important, as it may be your key to getting the compensation you deserve.

Contact an Attorney

Speak with a Lancaster car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident to begin the process of receiving compensation. Typically, all of the injuries you sustain from an accident can be a part of the claim towards your compensation. The attorney will gather your medical records and devise a plan to get you the money you deserve. This can help you pay for your doctor’s visits, medical treatments, and vehicle repairs.

The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help you during this difficult time. You have enough going on with healing from your injuries—you shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for the medical costs, too.

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