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Q: What is a Good Way to Select a Nursing Home?

It is often best to research as many nursing homes as possible prior to making your selection. By going to our web site you can print an alphabetical list of all nursing homes in the county that you select. Once you have the list, cross off those nursing homes that are outside of the area you feel comfortable traveling. 

It will be important to determine whether the nursing home accepts insurance coverage, Medicare (for more information on Medicare coverage), Medical Assistance, or is private pay. It is important to consider whether a nursing home will be able to continue providing service if you run out of financial resources necessary for private pay placements. You may wish to discuss this with a financial advisor familiar with long-term care issues. 

After you have determined the distance and financial status of the nursing homes on your list, it is time to review the types of services that each provides. Consider whether the nursing home offers services in-house such as physical and occupational therapies, counseling, activities and recreation, pharmacy, podiatry, specialized medicine, etc… Research which acute care facilities (hospitals) are nearby and with whom the nursing home has transfer agreements. Again, it is important to ask what services will be covered by insurance and what is paid for privately. For instance, television cable services, hairdressing, and telephone service charges often vary widely. Once you have completed these preliminary steps, your list should be down to a more manageable level.

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