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Q: Why is the other driver’s insurance company treating my soft tissue injury like it never happened?

After an accident, you are likely in a great amount of pain. On top of that, you are also tasked with getting your car repaired, recovering physically, and paying your bills. You could be out of work for some time, which can put financial strain on your household. You may feel as though you are incapable of facing any more stress, when the other insurance company starts giving you a hard time about your soft tissue injury.

While soft tissue injuries, namely whiplash, can be some of the most common injuries after a car accident in York, insurance companies are often very reluctant to accept claims involving them. Why? The answer is simple—most soft tissue injuries are very difficult to prove. While both you and your doctor are fully aware of the pain and damage that you suffered, unlike a broken bone, soft tissue injuries do not come with hard evidence.

Why Are Soft Tissue Injury Claims So Challenging to Prove?

While your pain is very real, some people take advantage of the fact that soft tissue injuries are difficult to prove, which has left insurance companies very hesitant to accept claims involving injuries like sprains and strains.

While this places an unfair burden on you to prove that you are actually injured, it is not impossible to do. Most importantly, be diligent about doctor’s appointments and follow-ups, and create a very clear paper trail of your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Soft tissue injury cases may be an uphill battle, but with the proper medical and legal care, your case will be stronger than ever. Click on our live chat link to speak with us today, and learn how our firm can help you!

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