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Q: When do Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation payments for lost wages start?

Work-related injuries and illnesses are very common. So much so that most Pennsylvania workers will suffer a work-related injury or illness at some point in their career. In fact, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation reports that 85,560 workers lost work time due to injuries and occupational illness in 2010. When a worker is unable to work due to a serious injury or occupational illness, serious financial hardships generally follow.

A totally disabled worker is eligible to receive an income loss benefit to make up for missed wages. The benefit is equal to two-thirds of the pre-injury average weekly wage up to a maximum amount, which is the state average weekly wage. Benefit payments are payable on the eighth day following a work-related injury or illness. If you report your work-related injury right away, miss more than seven days of work, and your employer’s insurance carrier accepts your claim, you should receive payment within 21 days from the date of your injury. Once you have been off work for 14 days, you will receive a retroactive payment for the first seven days of your disability.

In a perfect world, all injured workers in Pennsylvania would receive their workers’ compensation disability payment within 21 days. At Schmidt Kramer, we have experience obtaining the benefits owed to individuals whose workers’ compensation claim has previously been denied. The appeals process for a denied claim is complicated and you will need help. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, contact a Lancaster workers’ compensation attorney today at (717) 888-8888. We will provide you with a no-obligation case review. You can also download a free copy of our book Who Pays the Bills When You Are Injured at Work? for additional information.