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Q: What are the signs that my tire is about to separate?

Tires become separated for a variety of reasons, including manufacturing defects, abuse, and  over-inflation. When a tire separates, its tread becomes detached from the rest of the tire. If this occurs while you are driving, a major accident can take place.

As you were driving to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster, you watched as a tire on the vehicle next to you began to break apart. Panicking, the driver of the offending car started moving the steering wheel back and forth and side swiped you. He pushed you into the oncoming lane, in which another vehicle struck yours.

Since you don’t want to experience such an incident again, you’ve become very concerned about the condition of your tires. Giving them a thorough inspection allows you to potentially detect any defects that could cause your involvement in a crash.

Signs That Your Tire Could Separate Soon

  • Keeping the tire mounted, rotate the tire slowly and look at its lines. They should stay straight as the tire moves. If you notice an area in which the lines appear wavy, you likely have a bubble under the tire which could cause a separation.
  • Inspect the tires for warn or bald spots. When the tread is gone, not only is riding unsafe, but it increases your chances of experiencing a separated tire.

Separated tires or those about to separate are not repairable. Instead, they must be replaced. Although tires are often expensive, getting into a collision because of them is even more costly.

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