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Q: How do I know if I am covered for Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation?

Nearly every worker is covered by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Employers must provide workers’ compensation (WC) coverage for all of their employees, including seasonal and part-time workers. Nonprofit corporations, unincorporated businesses and even employers with only one employee must comply with the Act’s requirements.

Some employees are covered by other compensation laws, including: federal civilian employees, railroad workers, longshoremen, shipyard and harbor workers. Others who may not be covered include volunteer workers, agricultural laborers, casual employees, domestics and employees who have been granted a personal religious exemption from the Act. Certain types of executive officers of corporations may elect exemption from the Act. A worker should seek further information if there is any doubt as to coverage.

If you learn that your employer does not have insurance or is not self-insured for workers’ compensation, you may be eligible for benefits from the Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund.

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