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Harrisburg Dog Bite Lawyers

While the physical injuries from a dog attack may heal over time, often the psychological trauma from a dog bite can leave victims with life long scarring. Holding negligent dog owners accountable is often an important part of the recovery process for many dog bite victims and their families.

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At Schmidt Kramer, our Harrisburg dog bite lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of the dog bite laws in Pennsylvania and understand how they may be applicable to your specific incident. We have many years of experience handing injury cases and a proven track record of success.

We charge no upfront fees to review the details of your claim and can help to determine if you have a case. If so, there is no obligation to hire us and if you would like to pursue a legal course of action, there are no upfront fees if you do decide to hire us.

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How Can a Dog Bite Lawyer Help?

Injury victims generally recover more financial compensation compared to those that do not hire a lawyer for representation.

This can be very important when medical and medication costs begin to mount and in many instances, dog bite victims may also need to continue treatment long after the incident has taken place. With this in mind, we may decide to include future treatment expenses as part of the amount that we attempt to recover for your case.

Often, insurance companies will also become involved in proceedings if the at-fault dog owner or property owner has some form of applicable, insurance coverage. Their goal is to resolve the claim for the lowest amount possible, in any way that they can. They have no concern for your wellbeing or for any difficulties that you may face in the future as a result of the injuries that you may have sustained in the attack.

At our law firm, we understand the strategies that insurance companies use and can leverage that knowledge by helping to build a strong argument for your case.

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What Are The Dog Bite Laws in Pennsylvania?

Laws in Pennsylvania require that dog owners must restrain their dogs them with a chain, collar or other device to prevent the animal from getting out of an enclosure. Owners (or those placed in change of the animal) must also be able to retain reasonable control of their dogs at all times.

To help build a dog bite lawsuit, it must be established that the owner – or caretaker – of the dog was negligent in their ability to act as a responsible dog owner.

Pennsylvania dog bite laws cover two potential scenarios. Common law permits a victim to recover compensation if the dog previously bit another person.

If the dog has not bitten someone before, the state’s law offers two remedies. If the dog bite injuries are a severe injury, ones that result in broken bones or disfigurement, the victim may make a claim against the dog bite owner, so long as they can prove the dog inflicted a severe injury without being provoked.

If the injuries are not considered severe, the victim can still make a claim against the pet owner, but may only recover medical expenses. In this case, the victim must only prove that the defendant was the owner of the dog.

The “One Bite” Rule

In an effort to protect individuals from dogs that are already known to be dangerous, Pennsylvania also has a law in place that aims to hold owners of these types of dogs to be liable for their actions. In such instances, law enforcement authorities can charge the owner with a misdemeanor crime and potentially expose the owner to various liabilities including the injuries that may have been caused by their dog.

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Other Potentially Liable Parties

If you are the victim of a dog bite, dog owners are not the only people who may be held responsible for the dog’s actions. The following include some people who may also be liable:

  • Landlords – If the landlord knew a tenant owned a dangerous animal
  • Parents of minors – If the dog is owned by a person under the age of 18
  • Property owners – If a property owner allowed the dog on his or her property
  • Animal keepers – Anyone who is involved in the care of the animal, like dog watchers, kennels or a pound

Some common types of injuries victims of dog bites suffer include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Nerve damage
  • Facial and body scarring
  • Infections

Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to becoming victims of dog bites, they are also most likely to suffer serious, life-changing injuries.

What To Do After Being Bitten

If you are bitten by a dog, you should immediately seek medical attention. After receiving medical treatment, speak to a dog bite lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in these types of claims and can assess if you can recover damages.

Your attorney may ask you for details regarding the dog bite injury, as well as information like the name and phone number of the dog’s owner. Witnesses’ contact information is also helpful.

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