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Q: I was reviewing my Social Security Statement online and found an error on my earnings record. What should I do?

As Social Security Disability lawyers, we are glad to hear you are reviewing the earnings on your Social Security Statement. These earnings can directly affect the amount of your retirement or disability benefit. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) tracks your earnings for each calendar year that you work. It is important to check these earnings every year and make sure they are correct. If earnings are missing from the current or previous year, Social Security may still be working to process those earnings and apply them to your record. Make a note of the missing information and check your statement online at a later date. Earnings could be missing from earlier years for the following reasons: 

  • Your employer reported your earnings incorrectly or used the wrong name or Social Security number.
  • You changed your name but never reported it to the Social Security Administration.
  • You worked using a Social Security number that belongs to someone else. 

If you see an error or earnings are missing for a year that you worked and paid Social Security taxes, you should contact the SSA immediately in order to get your record corrected. You will be asked to fill out Form 7008, Request for Correction of Earnings Record. You must also provide proof of your claim such as a Form W-2, annual tax return or pay stub. If you have any questions or a special situation, you can contact your local Social Security office for assistance.

Social Security Disability benefits are a vital source of income for those who are sick or injured and unable to work. Unfortunately, Social Security benefit applications are often denied. Applicants must go through the appeals process in order to obtain the benefits they deserve. Those who hire an attorney often have a better chance of winning an appeal. Attorneys know the medical evidence required, the Social Security Disability laws and the judges who hear the cases.

If you are disabled and the SSA has denied your disability benefit application, contact a Social Security Disability attorney at (717) 888-8888 for a free case review.