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Q: What does it mean to my personal injury claim if the driver who caused my Harrisburg car accident has been charged with a DUID?

Drugged driving, or DUID, is a serious criminal offense. A person may be charged with a DUID if he or she meets any of the following criteria while in control of a motor vehicle:

  • Has any amount of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance in his or her blood system
  • Has a metabolite—basically the part that causes the physical symptoms—of any Schedule 1 Substance in his or her blood system
  • Was under the influence of any one drug that impaired the driver’s ability to drive safely
  • Was under the combined influence of alcohol and drugs or more than one drug that together impaired the driver’s ability to drive safely

Any accident that results in personal injury in Pennsylvania has the potential for a civil lawsuit in which the injured person sues the at-fault driver for compensation. When the person responsible for the crash was involved in illegal behavior at the time of the accident, the chances for a sizeable compensation increase. The same accident may result in both a criminal case and a civil lawsuit. Though the two are separate, the information and evidence gleaned from a criminal case may boost your civil lawsuit.

If you or someone you loved has been the victim of a car crash where drugged driving is a suspected factor, then you should consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Your best chance at recouping the most damages is to hire a skilled Pennsylvania car accident attorney who can help you put together a convincing case. For more information or to request a free consultation, we invite you to start a chat with one of our representatives now.

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