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Q: Should pregnant women disable airbags and take off their seat belts to avoid hurting their belly in a car accident?

It is natural for an expectant mother to be nervous, especially in the car. Many pregnant women get apprehensive about wearing a seat belt or sitting in front of an airbag that could deploy because of the negative effect it could possibly have on their unborn baby. Unfortunately, it is true that in an accident, a seat belt or airbag has the potential to cause the placenta to separate from the uterus. This is something that could not only be fatal for the fetus, but for the mother as well. However, it is also important to note that while these safety devices could have the opposite intended effect, they will more frequently than not save someone’s life in an accident, not take it. 

If a pregnant woman is riding in a car, she can take a few easy steps to protect herself from potential dangers. When it comes to the seat belt, make sure the lap band is under the belly (not across it) and that the shoulder belt is between the breasts and pushed to the side of the belly (again, not directly across it). And, although an air bag could harm the fetus, they should never be turned off. If a pregnant woman is in a seat that has an air bag in front of it, she should try to move her seat as far back as possible, away from the air bag. That way, it can still save her life, but it won’t be able to hit her in the stomach with such great force. 

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