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Q: How can I prevent back injuries at home and work?

According to a workers’ compensation lawyer at Schmidt Kramer, it is important to develop habits that reduce strain and wear-and-tear in order to prevent back injuries. One way to avoid straining your back is to avoid bending and lifting objects whenever possible. Unfortunately, that advice is not always practical.

When you do have to lift an object, make sure to follow safe lifting guidelines. In addition, keep these back safety tips in mind:

  • Ask for help lifting heavy loads and then work as a team—with one person directing the effort—to lift, carry, and set the heavy item down. Use mechanical lifting aids when necessary.
  • Place an object on a raised surface such as a table if you think you will need to move it again. It is easier—and better for your back—to pick up an object off a raised surface than bending to pick it up off the floor.
  • Pull an object located under a cabinet towards you and try to balance it on your knee before lifting. Then, use your legs to lift the object.
  • Adjust shelves and keep heavier objects at waist height. It is easier to lift items that are between waist and shoulder height. Keep lighter items on higher shelves.
  • Stand on a ladder to lift loads that are above your shoulders. Slide the item towards you and then use your arms and legs to do the lifting.

The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers are committed to promoting workplace safety and urge workers to take note of the tips listed above in order to prevent painful back injuries. If you are seriously injured on the job and need legal assistance, contact a workers’ compensation attorney toll-free at (717) 888-8888 for a free case review. You may also wish to download a free copy of their book, Who Pays the Bills When You Are Injured At Work?, for more information.