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Q: What kind of back injury makes me eligible for workers’ compensation?

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania workers are injured on the job every day. Often, it is their backs that are left hurt. Whether they are bending over, completing repetitive motions, or sitting all day, their backs can suffer the consequences. Those who are injured often want to know which injuries are covered by workers’ compensation.

Herniated Discs

Often causing lower back and leg pain, herniated discs typically occur due to wear and tear or sudden injuries. Bending over repeatedly, or experiencing a blow to the back, could cause one of these discs to push against the vertebrae—causing severe pain.

Ligament Tears

Repeating the same motions every day can cause the ligaments in your back to experience stress and trauma, potentially leading to full or partial tears of the ligament. Moving the wrong way or picking up something that is heavy could also cause a ligament to become severed.

Misalignment of Bones

You work in a warehouse and a forklift accidentally drops a heavy load on you. You fall to the ground and the load causes the bones in your back to become misaligned. Not only does such an injury cause severe pain, but may even make moving extremely difficult.

Experiencing an on-the-job injury is common—but that doesn’t mean it should happen. If you are hurt, you’ll likely face a tough road to recovery ahead. Receiving workers’ compensation may help to cover your medical bills and lost wages due to your time away from work.

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