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Q: What’s the law regarding cell phone use in Pennsylvania, and how does it apply to my personal injury lawsuit?

As cell phone use becomes an increasing driver distraction on the Capital Beltway in Harrisburg and throughout Central Pennsylvania, lawmakers have taken notice. Numerous states have enacted various cell phone bans in the past five years.

Current and Pending Cell Phone Laws

Pennsylvania is no exception. Here are the current and pending local laws regarding cell phone use:

  • In Pennsylvania, texting and driving is illegal for all drivers throughout the state. Under the law, texting and driving is also considered a primary offense. This means police officers can pull over a driver simply for texting and driving. The fine for this traffic violation is $50.
  • Drivers can, however, still enter phone numbers on a phone while driving. This makes it difficult for police to enforce the texting ban because they cannot always tell which activity a driver is doing.
  • Currently, there is no ban on any other cell phone use in Pennsylvania. This includes bans for teens and other novice drivers.
  • This spring, at least three bills were introduced in the state legislature to enact a broader ban on cell phone use while driving. Laws that are under consideration include a total cell phone ban for drivers under age 18 only and a total ban on handheld phones for drivers of all ages.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident where distracted driving in general or texting, in particular, was the cause, you may be able to recoup damages for your injuries.

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