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The personal injury lawyers are constantly performing extensive research to bring readers more information on accident injuries and how they affect your life, your health and your well-being. Check out these helpful sites that can provide you with additional information.

  • End Distracted Driving (

    The goal of is to preserve life and promote safety on a large scale through advocacy, education and action to prevent families and friends from suffering the loss of a loved one because of distracted driving.

  • Insurance Information Institute

    Explains what insurance does and how it works.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website provides statistics on car and truck accidents in Pennsylvania and nationwide. The site also has safe driving tips and recommendations on how to avoid accidents and keep your passengers safe.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles

    The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles provides readers with all types of information on car, truck and motorcycle use in the state, including information on serious accidents. This site also has a great section on motorcycle safety.

  • The Casey Feldman Foundation

    The core mission of The Casey Feldman Foundation is to preserve life and promote safety on a large scale through advocacy, education and action. It is our hope that we can prevent families and friends from suffering the loss of a loved one because of distracted driving.

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation® promotes safety through rider training and education, operator licensing tests and public information programs. The MSF works with the federal government, state agencies, the military and others to offer training for all skill levels so riders can enjoy a lifetime of safe, responsible motorcycling. Standards established by the MSF® have been recognized worldwide since 1973.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

    Need information about handling a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania? Check out the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s website for more information.

  • Protect Pa Workers

    Corporations and insurance companies will stop at nothing to deny your workers' compensation claim. Find out how to protect your rights.

  • Med Mal Facts

    Every year, an estimated 98,000 patients die due to medical malpractice, with an untold number more hurt through no fault of their own.  While there has been debate for almost a decade about how best to reduce what are the undeniably exorbitant fees some specialists pay, the issue of medical malpractice has many more pieces than just caps on non-economic damages. Find out the real facts.

  • Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Site

    Put together by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this site is full of information on how patients can stay safe before, during and after any medical treatment. This site is particularly helpful for those who feel that they have been a victim of medical malpractice in Pennsylvania.

  • American Association for Justice
  • The Injury Board

    The Injury Board is an association of experienced trial attorneys practicing throughout the entire United States and parts of Canada.  We recruit our member attorneys based on their proven commitment to the four key areas we believe define the best of our profession — Relationships, Leadership, Community and Results. If you’re looking for a different kind of lawyer for a personal injury or other civil litigation matter, you’ve come to the right place. Schmidt Kramer in Central Pennsylvania is an active member of The Injury Board.

  • The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare
  • U.S. Census Bureau
    Statistics on the U.S. population and economy.
    A comprehensive legal dictionary.
  • Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute
  • Legal Examiner

    The Legal Examiner is a growing community of personal injury law firms, attorneys, safety industry experts, and consumer advocates committed to making a difference by helping people avoid injury, and to helping those who are injured get the assistance they need to move on with their lives after an accident.  In Central Pennsylvania, Schmidt Kramer is a member and contributor to the Examiner.

  • Tort Reform Truth

    Separate truth from fact - learn the truth about tort reform and how big business and the insurance industry are really behind it.

  • Public Justice
    Attorneys working together to fight injustice and preserve access to the courts.
  • Tort Reform Truth
    We have all heard about tort reform.  But what does it really mean?  Separate fact v. fiction.
  • Trial Lawyers Care
    This non-profit organization encourages, recognizes, and organizes trial lawyers who contribute to their communities through volunteer and charitable activities that serve the public good.