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Q: What body part injuries are covered by the specific loss benefit under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law?

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law provides specific loss benefits for those who have suffered an amputation, permanent loss of function of a body part, hearing loss, vision loss or disfigurement.

In order to be eligible for the specific loss benefit, the injured Lebanon worker must have suffered permanent loss of use of the affected body part. This means that the body part no longer functions in a meaningful way. The following are the body part injuries eligible for specific loss benefits under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law:

  • Hand
  • Forearm
  • Arm
  • Toes (total or partial loss of any toe)
  • Foot
  • Lower leg
  • Fingers (total or partial loss of thumb or any finger)
  • Leg
  • Eye
  • Ear (total or partial loss in either ear)
  • Disfigurement on the head, neck or face

The serious work-related body part injuries listed above are eligible for specific loss benefits regardless of whether the injured worker actually loses time at work. Have you suffered amputation, loss of use of a body part, or some other serious injury due to an accident that occurred at work? Contact a  workers’ compensation lawyer at Schmidt Kramer for assistance.

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