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Q: How can I prevent my teen with ADHD from getting into a West Shore car accident?

Allowing your teen to get behind the wheel can be frightening for just about any parent. When your child has ADHD, the fear is often escalated. Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder makes staying focused and driving calmly often difficult. By setting rules, however, you may be able to prevent your teen from getting into a Lancaster car accident.

Set Ground Rules

Driving while talking on the phone and texting is dangerous for anyone, but particularly a teen with ADHD. Distractions such as these can take the teen’s mind away from driving and potentially cause a crash. Set firm rules with the teen about not using the cell phone when driving, and revoke his driving privileges if he does.

Only Allow Short Distances

Becoming bored or losing interest during a long trip happens to just about anyone, but especially a teen with an attention disorder. Losing focus while driving is dangerous; therefore, make the trips as short as possible. Doing so may prevent an accident.

Prohibit Passengers

Passengers can be very distracting to just about any driver. Conversations and movement can cause the driver to look away or take his mind off the road. Forbid your teen from driving with anyone in the car, and it may stop an accident from taking place.

Help your teen make the right decisions and stay safe by becoming active in his driving. Setting rules, and leading by example, are some of the most effective methods in preventing your teen from becoming hurt in a West Shore car accident.

If you or your teen were the victims of a crash, contact the lawyers of Schmidt Kramer. We will do all we can to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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