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Q: How is my credibility evaluated when trying to receive Harrisburg Social Security for my back pain?

Only you know just how much pain you are experiencing because of your back ailment. Although the doctor has an idea based on your condition, you are the only person who actually feels it. The severity of pain plays a huge factor in how successful you are in your efforts to receive Social Security.

Since you are the only person who knows the amount of pain you feel, Social Security bases a lot of its decision on your credibility. Along with the medical documents and diagnostics you turn in—such as X-ray or MRI results—your case examiner will also take your word and credibility into consideration when deciding if you qualify to receive benefits. Social Security typically uses some of the following factors to evaluate your credibility.

  • How the pain affects you in your everyday life and activities.
  • How often you have been to the doctor for the pain you are experiencing.
  • Your doctor’s opinion of your pain and limitations due to your back condition.
  • How much pain is typically experienced by others who share the same back problem.
  • If you seem to be exaggerating your pain level.
  • The treatments you have tried in an attempt to resolve the back issue, such as physical therapy, cortisone shots, and medication.

Unfortunately, Social Security decisions are not always fair. The legal team of Schmidt Kramer wants to help you attempt to receive the benefits you need. Contact us today to speak with a Social Security Disability attorney about your situation.

If you know someone who is experiencing back pain and is interested in collecting Social Security, we encourage you to share this information with him or her!

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