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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Pennsylvania?

Lane splitting can result in a more serious accident compared to other types of motorcycle maneuvers. This maneuver may be used by motorcycle riders, but most states prohibit it. If you believe that lane splitting impacted your accident, the dedicated… Read More

How to Avoid Blind Spots on a Motorcycle

Many accidents are caused when other motorists do not observe motorcyclists due to their smaller size and more narrow profile. If a motorist does not see you and collides with your bike, you may suffer serious injuries that require extensive medical care… Read More

Important Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Due to the lack of external protection, a motorcyclist who is involved in an accident may suffer serious injuries such as brain damage, paralysis, road rash and broken bones. Fortunately, there are many safety tips that riders can follow to help prevent… Read More

Strategies to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

There is nothing quite like hitting the road on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, this is one of the most dangerous ways to travel on our nation's roadways. If you get into an accident, there is a high risk of suffering severe, life-threatening injuries. While… Read More

What You Should Know About Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Safety Laws

In order to ensure the safety of motorcyclists, Pennsylvania has created laws that operators and riders must follow when traveling on a motorcycle. If you or someone you love frequently enjoys riding on a motorcycle, it is important that you know and… Read More

Pennsylvania Governor Declares May Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

With numerous collisions involving motorcycles on Pennsylvania highways, the state's governor declared May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to ensure proper motorcycle training, reduce fatalities and provide motorists with safe driving tips when sharing… Read More

Mount Joy Man Dies After Pennsylvania Motorcycle Crash

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 The Carlisle Sentinel and abc27 News in Harrisburg are reporting that a 19-year-old Mount Joy man was fatally injured in a crash involving two motorcycles this past Sunday afternoon in West Hempfield Township. According to the… Read More

Police Investigate Adams County Motorcycle Fatality

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 The York Dispatch is reporting today about an ongoing investigation into a motorcycle accident which resulted in a fatality this past Saturday night.  According to reports, an Adams County man was killed Saturday night after his… Read More

MSF Issues Motorcycle Operator Manual In Spanish

Posted on Mar 18, 2015 With Spring comes more Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents.  Not only are these accidents in rural areas such as Sunbury, Lebanon, and Hershey but they are in urban areas such as Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, and even Philadelphia. Hispanics… Read More

The Top Models Of Motorcycles Stolen?

The Insurance Information Institute is reporting on motorcycle thefts.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) said that motorcycle thefts fell 1.5 percent in 2013 from a year earlier, based on data from the National Crime Information Center of the… Read More