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Fresenius GranuFlo & NaturaLyte Injury

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 26 million Americans are living with chronic kidney disease and millions more are at risk. Individuals most at risk for kidney disease include those with diabetes, high blood pressure or family history of kidney disease. Because a person can have kidney disease and not have any symptoms, regular kidney […]

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The kidneys are fist-sized organs that filter toxins and excess water from the blood. In addition, they help regulate blood pressure and aid in bone health. When kidneys fail, patients must undergo regular life-saving dialysis treatments to replace those important functions.  One type of dialysis, called hemodialysis, uses a vascular access port to remove blood […]

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What Hemodialysis Does and How It Works

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on October 10, 2012 in Fresenius GranuFlo & NaturaLyte Injury

Healthy kidneys filter toxins, waste and excess fluid out of the blood. Kidneys stop performing these functions in cases of chronic kidney failure, the gradual loss of kidney function. When the disease reaches the advanced stage, dangerous levels of toxins and electrolytes build up in the body. Without dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant, this […]

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