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Personal Injury

Boating Safety Tips To Help Prevent a Pennsylvania Boating Accident

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on April 25, 2024 in Personal Injury

A boat capsized on Sunday afternoon in the Susquehanna River, causing one person to be hospitalized. The accident happened close to the 100 block on Collins Road. Both people who were on the boat during the accident were on shore when first responders arrived on the scene. While this accident did not have a tragic […]

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Understanding What Discovery Is in a Pennsylvania Injury Claim

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on July 26, 2023 in Personal Injury

Recovering compensation in a personal injury case is often a lengthy process. There are many steps leading up to a lawsuit. The discovery phase is where both the plaintiff and defendant gather evidence and learn critical details that help to shape the case. In today’s article, the attorneys at Schmidt Kramer explain more about discovery […]

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Liability for a Child Left in a Hot Car

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on May 21, 2023 in Personal Injury

As the weather warms up, people get outside more, often bringing their children with them wherever they go. Unfortunately, the hot summer months also see far too many needless tragedies, such as the death of a child left in a hot car. Below, Schmidt Kramer talks about pediatric vehicular heatstroke, including how it occurs, how […]

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Understanding Maximum Medical Improvement in an Injury Claim

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on December 29, 2022 in Personal Injury

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is an often-discussed point in personal injury cases, but what is it? More importantly, why does it matter if you are the injured victim and seeking compensation? Below, Schmidt Kramer explains more about reaching your MMI, why it is important and how it relates to your injury claim. If you were […]

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How a Personal Injury Could Affect Your Ability to do Your Job

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on September 29, 2022 in Personal Injury

Personal injuries from car crashes, slip and fall accidents, or work accidents can cause a wide variety of physical ailments that could make it harder to do your job. This is particularly true for physically demanding work, such jobs in construction or a factory or warehouse. Jobs that require a lot of physical strength, including […]

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Preserving Evidence for an Injury Claim with an Anti-Spoliation Letter

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on September 06, 2022 in Personal Injury

It is up to the injury victim to prove he or she was injured because of the negligence of another party. You are going to need evidence to show the other party’s carelessness and evidence to link that carelessness to the cause of your injuries. The problem is evidence could get lost, get damaged or […]

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Questions Injury Lawyers Often Get From Injury Victims

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on August 29, 2022 in Personal Injury

One of the biggest mistakes personal injury victims make is taking on the insurance company on their own without help from an experienced attorney. There are many reasons why injury victims decide not to call a lawyer for help. Generally, victims may make this decision with incomplete information because they have a lot of unanswered […]

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Liability for a Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Injury Accident

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on June 30, 2022 in Personal Injury

As temperatures rise and we get deeper into summer, more and more people will be jumping into swimming pools to cool off and have fun. Unfortunately, fun at the swimming pool can be quickly cut short when an accident occurs. Sometimes these accidents could have avoided, which means the owner of the pool/property could be […]

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What Does a Personal Injury Settlement Demand Letter Include?

Posted on behalf of Schmidt Kramer on June 09, 2022 in Personal Injury

Most personal injury cases are resolved through a settlement between the injured victim and the liable insurance company. These settlements are reached through negotiation between the injured victim’s attorney and representatives of the liable insurance company. Negotiations typically start after the injured victim’s attorney sends a demand letter to the insurance company. Below, we discuss […]

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Many industries are understaffed, which creates a host of problems for these industries and the customers and clients they serve. Attorneys who represent plaintiffs have told The Legal Intelligencer understaffing is an issue that has come up much more frequently in recent times. They say understaffing at places like hospitals, prisons and long-term care centers […]

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