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Your Boss Wants You to Talk and Text While Driving, Even Though it Could Lead to a an Auto Accident in Lancaster

Just like many drivers, you know just how dangerous talking and texting on the phone while behind the wheel is. To prevent becoming involved in a crash, you avoid doing so and if you must take the call, you pull over in a safe location. Your boss, however, demands that you stay in touch at all times even if you are driving. Unfortunately, appeasing your employer puts yourself at risk for getting into an auto accident in Lancaster or anywhere else you are required to drive. Is it possible to keep your job and still drive safely? Here, we look at a few ways to appease all involved.

  • Question your boss about any policies that are in place that address the use of cell phones and driving.
  • Pull over in a safe area if you receive a phone call or text that you cannot miss.
  • Ask your employer to provide you with a hands-free device. Although talking while driving is still distracting and can cause you to become injured in an accident, using an ear piece may be able to decrease the chances.
  • Explain your hesitation and reasoning for not wanting to use the phone while driving to your boss.
  • Talk to your human resources representative if you feel pressured to do something you aren’t comfortable with.

If despite your best efforts, your boss pressures you to use the phone and you become involved in an auto accident in Lancaster or the surrounding area, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney to fight for your rights.

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