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Car Accidents

Who Pays Your Bills When You Are Injured In An Automobile Accident?

If you have been involved in a Dauphin County traffic accident, read this to learn NOW if insurance will cover your medical bills and property losses.

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Social Security Disability

Your Guide to the Social Security Appeals Process

You filed for PA Social Security benefits—but you were denied. Now what? The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer help guide you through the process with this pamphlet.

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Social Security Disability: A Roadmap to Obtaining the Benefits You Deserve

If you’ve become injured or have an illness that prevents you from working, learn how to receive Pennsylvania Social Security benefits with this report.

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Your Guide to the Social Security Application Process

Filing for Pennsylvania Social Security isn’t as easy as it may sound. Schmidt Kramer created this pamphlet to help guide you through the application process.

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Workers’ Compensation

Who Pays Your Medical Bills When You Are Injured at Work?

A Pennsylvania workplace accident or occupational disease can wreck your life and income. Our Harrisburg disability lawyers explain the rules of workers’ comp.

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Joint and Liability book

Injured in Pennsylvania? Wondering who pays your medical bills? Find out in your free copy of "Who Pays My Injury Claim: Understanding Joint and Several Liability by Pennsylvania injury attorney Scott Cooper.

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Navigating The Subrogation Nightmare: What to Do When The Insurance Company Says You Have To Pay Them Back

Is your health insurance asking you to pay them for your medical bills? Pennsylvania accident injury attorney Scott Cooper discusses subrogation and what you can do when the insurance company wants your money.

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