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Vital Information for Your Financial Recovery After a Pennsylvania Vehicle Crash

Who Pays Your Bills When You Are Injured In An Automobile Accident?Statistics say that you will probably be involved in at least one automobile collision in your lifetime. The statistics also say it will probably be a minor incident, but there are no guarantees.

As Pennsylvania auto accident lawyers, we know that—whether this is your first accident or your seventh—you will be shaken and upset by the experience. Even a minor fender-bender will disorient you so that you don’t know what to do next.

We’re Going to Tell You What to Do Next

No, we’re not going to tell you to go out and hire a lawyer first thing…not this time.

After you get medical attention for any injuries that you or your passengers may have suffered, we want you to read our informative brochure on insurance recovery after a traffic accident in Pennsylvania. We call it Who Pays Your Bills When You Are Injured in an Automobile Accident? It’s short and it’s direct. In a very small space, it introduces you to basic concepts about car insurance in Pennsylvania. Among the questions answered:

  • What is the scope of the terms “auto accident” and “injury”?
  • What claims are ineligible for payment by auto insurance?
  • If you are covered by both health insurance and auto insurance, which one will pay your medical bills after a Juniata County car crash?
  • Does my auto insurance coverage help if I have been hurt in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident?

Did We Mention it’s Free?

Okay, this is the place where we get to boast. At Schmidt Kramer, we know so much about traffic accidents that we’re giving away information for FREE. There is no charge for ordering this brochure or any of the other offers we make available to Pennsylvania residents. You don’t even have to be a client; just fill out the form on this page.

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