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We Explain the Basics of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation in a Way You Can Understand

Who Pays Your Medical Bills When You Are Injured at Work?

Time is money, according to the proverb. The modern update would be: Time in the hospital is more money than you would ever believe.

If you have been hurt by an occupational disease or on-the-job injury in Pennsylvania, money will be on your mind—a lot. Your injuries have left you at least temporarily disabled, and that means you have no income. At the same time, your medical condition requires close attention, and that means you will acquire an ever-mounting pile of doctor bills, hospital invoices, pharmacy receipts, and other health care expenses.

No money coming in. Increasingly nasty notes from creditors demanding that you pay up immediately. What are you going to do?

Learn about Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

Our Harrisburg injury attorneys have an idea—and it’s going to cost you nothing.

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation provides full coverage for virtually all employment-related injuries and medical conditions. Under Commonwealth law, you just have to follow a few simple rules to have your health care bills paid. We explain this all in our helpful brochure about recovering from a Pennsylvania workplace accident. We call it Who Pays Your Medical Bills When You Are Injured at Work?

In just a few pages, our guide explains the basics of how workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania can take care of that worrisome pile of medical bills. The topics our Harrisburg injury lawyers look at include:

  • The steps you need to take to get your medical bills paid.
  • When you do—and don’t—get a choice of what doctor will treat your condition.
  • Workers’ compensation benefits and preexisting conditions.
  • The responses you can make if your claim is denied

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Read our guide on workers’ compensation. It’s short, so it won’t take you long. We hope it helps your situation. If you have any follow-up questions, call us at (717) 888-8888 toll-free to schedule a free discussion and case assessment with a member of our legal team.