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Why Deadlines for Filing Injury Claims May Vary from Case to Case

There is limited time to file a personal injury lawsuit after an injury occurs. That is because of Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations. However, while this deadline applies to many claims, there are other times when the deadline is sooner or later… Read More

Will My Case Go to Trial or Be Settled Before Going to Court?

This is a common question that injury victims have when they meet with an attorney. They often feel a lot of anxiety about the thought of going through a trial. Below, learn more about when cases may need to go to trial for the victim to have a chance… Read More

Hundreds of Patients Secretly Recorded at UPMC Carlisle Hospital

A 39-year old man in Franklin County has been charged with multiple counts of indecent assault, child pornography and other criminal activity after an investigation uncovered he was secretly videotaping hundreds of patients, including minors, while working… Read More

How Long Can It Take to Obtain a Settlement from a Lawsuit?

This is one of many questions personal injury victims often have about the legal process. They see medical bills piling up and may be missing work because of their health issues, so they may feel anxious about getting that settlement check. Below, learn… Read More

How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated in a Personal Injury Case?

After an accident, a victim may experience physical pain, emotional distress or psychological trauma due to his or her injury. While a personal injury insurance claim can help compensate you for any medical expenses and lost wages, you can only obtain… Read More

Factors that May Extend a Personal Injury Claim

Each personal injury claim is unique, and the amount of time it takes from beginning to end depends on many factors. However, there are certain issues that can cause claims to take longer to resolve. In a free consultation, an experienced Harrisburg… Read More

The Legal Intelligencer Names Schmidt Kramer’s Scott Cooper 2019 Power Player of the Year

We are excited to announce partner Scott Cooper has been named 2019 Power Player of the Year by The Legal Intelligencer. Cooper’s selection was noted in the June 2019 edition of The Legal Intelligencer, which reveals the winners of the 2019 Professional… Read More

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Today, too many people share the personal details of their daily lives with the world through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While you may use social media to keep up with friends and family, after being injured in an… Read More

Homeowner Says Insurance Refuses to Replace Hail-Damaged Roof

A homeowner in Manchester Township, York County has been battling with his insurance company for about a year to replace his hail-damaged roof. He recently received a letter from the company stating that his current roof was improperly installed and… Read More

January’s Insurance Stacking Supreme Court Decision is Retroactive, Federal Judge Rules

Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled in Butta v. Geico that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision in Gallagher v. Geico back in January should be applied retroactively. U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney said since the court was not announcing… Read More