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How a Personal Injury Could Affect Your Ability to do Your Job

worker with injured hand on laptopPersonal injuries from car crashes, slip and fall accidents, or work accidents can cause a wide variety of physical ailments that could make it harder to do your job.

This is particularly true for physically demanding work, such jobs in construction or a factory or warehouse. Jobs that require a lot of physical strength, including lifting heavy things, could be much harder or even impossible because of an injury.

Even if you spend all day in front of a computer screen in an air-conditioned office, an injury could make it harder to do your job. If you suffered a back injury, sitting for a long period of time may be painful. Injuries to your arms or hands, such as broken bones or soft-tissue injuries could make it harder to type on a keyboard.

We discuss how a personal injury could affect your ability to do the job you were doing before your injury occurred. Our attorneys are available to discuss what happened and how we can help you seek full compensation for your damages, including lost wages and lost earning capacity.

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How Injuries Could Limit You Physically

One of the most obvious ways an injury can affect your ability to do your job is by making it impossible to do different tasks. For example, if you broke your arm or suffered an amputation, lifting heavy objects is probably going to be impossible.

There are many other work activities that may be difficult or impossible with certain injuries, such as:

  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Lifting boxes or other heavy things
  • Driving/using machinery, such as construction equipment/vehicles

Sometimes you can still do the things you used to do at work, but you can only do them for a certain period. You may need to take frequent breaks because you get worn down.

Often, an injury prevents you from using a body part the way it was meant to be used. That means you need to compensate with other body parts. For example, if you have an injury to an arm or leg, you may compensate with your core or your back, which could cause another injury.

Some injuries require workers to be on their feet a lot. If you suffered a back injury or lower leg injury, such as a knee or ankle injury, you may not be able to walk or stand for long periods. You may need to sit down more often or use an assistive device like a crutch or cane, which can slow you down.

Injury victims often do not consider how much the difficult of a task can wear them down. For example, you may be able to do a task in twice the time it used to take you. This can wear you down physically, making it harder to work as many hours or days as you did before.

How Injuries Could Limit You Cognitively or Psychologically

A traumatic brain injury could make it much harder to do a job that requires a lot of mental work (problem-solving, remembering things, communicating with employees and customers, being a project leader, etc.). It may not be that you are completely unable to do these things. You may struggle to do so for as many hours as you did before.

It is also important to note physical injuries could cause problems with some of the mental work of your job. You may feel tired or be in pain and this can make it harder to do some things. Anyone who has suffered an injury that caused chronic pain can tell you how the pain makes it harder to do other things.

Your injury could also affect your mental/psychological health. Sometimes injured victims experience, depression or anxiety. This can be physically and mentally draining, making it harder to concentrate and do the mental work your job requires.

The psychological effects of an injury should not be underrated, but these effects can be hard to document. It can also be tough to place a monetary value on these effects. These are reasons why it is so important to find an experienced attorney to help you with your claim.

You need compensation for all your damages, including lost wages, lost earning capacity and pain and suffering. Schmidt Kramer’s attorneys know how to evaluate these damages and determine what they may be worth.

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