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York Workers’ Compensation for Those Who Work With Animals

Working with animals is often enjoyable, but has the potential to be very dangerous. Putting an animal in a situation in which it is unaccustomed to, can make it frightened and more liable to bite. No matter how nice the animal normally is, fear can make him aggressive. If you work with animals and are bitten, are you eligible to receive workers’ compensation?

You May Be Eligible

Just like any employee, if you are injured on the job you are theoretically eligible to receive workers’ compensation. Bites are not only painful, but they can cause severe damage to muscles and nerves—or just about anything the teeth clamp down on. Bites can also become infected, making it impossible for you to work. If your employer has workers’ comp insurance and you follow the guidelines in order to receive workers’ comp, you should be able to receive it.

Follow Proper Protocol

You must follow the proper protocol in order to be eligible to receive the compensation. First, you must report the bite to your employer. You then must visit a doctor to receive treatment, and make her aware that you were injured on the job. Keep all records and paperwork you are given, and follow up with your employer to ensure a claim was made. If not, you may have to call the employer’s insurance provider yourself and make the claim.

You have a right to go to work and not become injured. You also have a right to receive workers’ compensation to help cover the wages you lost because you were unable to work. Sometimes, employers don’t want to cooperate, and that’s when you need a lawyer on your side.

The attorneys of Schmidt and Kramer have helped people just like you get the compensation they deserve after they’ve been hurt on the job. We may be able to help you too.

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