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Lawyer Seeks Justice for Hazing Victim

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Asya Trowell pledged as a “little sister” in a group called “Omega Essence”—a group related to fraternity Omega Psi Phi—during her first year at Penn State University. “For me, it seemed like it was a good fit,” Trowel stated. “I liked hanging out with the Omegas.”

Things changed on April 3, 2012, when Trowell and two other female pledges were allegedly beaten and tortured as part of their indoctrination into the group.

Trowell said two women who served as their “deans” performed the alleged hazing. “We were taken to a basement of a home where we were basically beat; I was beat until I was bleeding,” Trowell recalled.  She continued, “I got to a point where my physical body was there, but my mind was somewhere else. It was a complete nightmare. It was torture.”

The alleged abuse continued for hours. When morning came, Asya called her mother and went to the emergency room for treatment for blunt force trauma and other injuries.

Trowel decided not to return to Penn State but she wants her abusers to face criminal charges and expulsion. She filed a hazing complaint with Penn State on April 9, 2012, and hired Harrisburg personal injury attorney Scott Cooper to ensure that the university fully investigates her claims.

“The main concern is that PSU doesn’t sweep this under the rug,” stated Cooper. He continued, “Right now I think they owe it to her to say, ‘How can we help you get on with your studies and your life?’”

Penn State University Police has since sent their portion of the investigation to the Office of Student Affairs. There are four victims listed in the report. In addition, four people (including two men) are accused of hazing.

Harrisburg personal injury attorney Scott Cooper is an expert trial lawyer who is personally working to help Asya Trowell obtain justice in this case. If you are injured and need assistance, contact one of the personal injury attorneys at Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers for a case review. The toll-free number is (717) 888-8888 and the consultation is free.