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Widener University School of Law — Speaking with Students about Pa. Civil Procedure

As a lawyer at Schmidt Kramer, I am asked to speak in different places. Harrisburg is host to Widener University’s law school, and this is one of the places where I get to go out and talk to people about what I do.  Last night, I spoke to Karen Durkin’s Pa. Civil Procedure students. This is one attorney’s chance to hopefully have an affect on the development of new lawyers coming into practice in Pennsylvania.  

We spent about an hour talking through real-life examples of how civil procedure influences the shape of our cases. My hope was that each pre-lawyer would understand that a car accident case isn’t just a neutral set of facts, but the real life struggle of people who were seriously affected by a bad event. That person, our client, deserves to have us use all the means available to put them in the best position to recover what they lost. I hope that they heard that we here at Schmidt Kramer are fighting to influence the development of the law on arbitration agreements in nursing home cases, and that they may have similar opportunities to try to create a safer environment in which regular people can live.

It is always humbling to be called upon to explain a segment of the practice of law to one’s peers, but when it is opening a window into the legal practice for those who are getting ready to leap through the door — it always makes me stop and reflect.

Helping our clients with auto accident cases, or nursing home cases in Central Pennsylvania and beyond is what drives all of the attorneys I work with at Schmidt Kramer.  If you or your loved one needs help from a lawyer we would be glad to speak with you.

Joe Chapman, February 27, 2013