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When Should You Consider Hiring a Lawyer for Your Car Accident Claim?

desk in office during day with gavelMany times, car crash victims are unsure if they need a lawyer to help them pursue compensation. They may think their injuries are not that severe or it cannot be that hard to recover compensation.

In Pennsylvania, crash victims deal with their own insurance companies, not the at-fault driver’s insurer. This may give victims a false sense of security, as they think they can trust their insurer to handle the claim fairly.

The problem is, there is really no way to know if an attorney can help you unless you ask. Every crash is unique, and a Harrisburg-based car crash lawyer needs to review the details of each accident to determine if he or she can help. Making assumptions about your case, your injuries, or your ability to deal with the insurance company on your own can be dangerous. You could end up not recovering full compensation for your damages.

At Schmidt Kramer, we know the challenges of pursuing compensation because we have been doing it successfully for more than 30 years. Give us a call today to discuss your claim and learn how we may be able to assist you.

Below, we discuss several reasons to consider hiring an attorney after a car crash.

You Are Unsure About the Value of Your Claim

Car crash victims handle insurance claims all the time. If they suffer minor injuries and their vehicles can be repaired relatively quickly, they may get good results. Although car insurance companies routinely underpay claims, many crash victims with minor injuries get the compensation they need.

However, there can be a lot of uncertainty with many claims for car crash damages. This can be particularly true if the insurance company offers a quick settlement, and your doctor is still trying to determine the severity of your injuries. In these situations, victims may be unsure of the value of their claims.

Your doctors may need to monitor you for several weeks to determine if you will fully heal and what, if any, ongoing medical problems you may experience. In these situations, it is important not to settle your claim. The insurance company’s offer could be far below the full value of your claim, particularly if you need ongoing treatment after your claim is settled.

If you have any uncertainty about the value of your case, particularly if you suffered a significant injury, give Schmidt Kramer a call to discuss your situation. We may be able to help you, and there are no upfront fees or legal obligations.

While there are many significant injuries, if you have missed significant time from your job or have symptoms that cause a significant disruption of your life, you may have a significant injury. Handling this type of claim on your own could be a bad idea because insurance companies have a lot of experience taking advantage of crash victims.

It is usually not too late to call an attorney for legal help.

You Sustained an Injury That is Likely to be Permanent

Car insurance companies routinely deny and undervalue claims involving permanent injuries, like brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. They are committed to protecting their bottom line, regardless of the severity of your injuries. In fact, they will be even more committed to underpaying a claim involving a permanent injury than they would a claim involving a minor injury.

One of the benefits of hiring an experienced attorney, such as an attorney from Schmidt Kramer, is that he or she will be prepared to take the case to court if necessary. While most cases are settled, many permanent injury claims end up in court.

It is important for the insurance company to know there is a possibility of a lawsuit being filed. This knowledge often results in the insurance company offering more compensation than their original offer. Sometimes the filing of a lawsuit is the push needed to get the insurance company to make an offer the victim and his or her attorney are willing to accept to resolve the claim.

Permanent injuries often require significant ongoing care. This could cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. At Schmidt Kramer, we have many years of experience evaluating claims and determining their value. We know how important it is for victims to recover the compensation they need for things like:

  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prescription medication
  • Surgery
  • Home modifications
  • Vehicle modifications
  • And more

The Insurance Company Has Been Difficult

If you are struggling to deal with the insurance company it may be because your claim could be worth a lot of money and the insurance company knows it. They are hoping to delay and get you to feel desperate. Then you may be willing to accept whatever they are offering because you need the money.

Even if you complain to the insurance company, they may be unlikely to change their tactics if you are not represented by an attorney. There is no reason for them to act differently because victims are unlikely to file lawsuits on their own. They need an attorney’s help.

At Schmidt Kramer, we have decades of combined experience dealing with insurance companies and we know the bad faith tactics they often employ, such as:

  • Refusing to pay valid claims
  • Not investigating claims
  • Requiring unnecessary paperwork to be completed
  • Misrepresenting the terms of your policy
  • Making misleading statements about your rights

These things are often done to delay the process. For example, they may be hoping to delay your claim until the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit passes.

If you hire a lawyer, insurance companies may be much less likely to act in bad faith.

The Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

Insurance companies regularly deny legitimate claims. Crash victims should not get discouraged from continuing to pursue compensation. An attorney may be able to help you.

At Schmidt Kramer, we are prepared to help you determine your legal options after a claim denial. We can determine if we may be able to assist you at no upfront cost to you.

You may be unsure if can overturn the denial of your claim, and you should not leave this question unanswered. Our lawyers are prepared to determine if we may be able to overturn the denial. You do not want to give up because you think the denial is final when it might not be.

Give Us a Call Today to Discuss Legal Options

Car insurance companies have a lot of practice convincing crash victims they do not need to call an attorney. They know crash victims are vulnerable and want to recover compensation as fast as possible.

The problem is, they often mislead crash victims, and it results in crash victims accepting lowball settlement offers. They do not receive all the compensation they need to help them move forward.

If you are unsure if an attorney can help you, you should know there is no obligation for you to hire our firm after a free consultation. There are also no upfront fees with our services.

Our attorneys do not get paid unless you get paid. Call (717) 727-2550.