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Is it Ever Too Late for a Crash Victim to Call a Lawyer for Legal Help?

contemplating a phone callCar crash victims often have questions about how much time they get to seek compensation for their damages. Insurance companies often have deadlines for paying claims and there is a deadline for filing a lawsuit if the insurance claim is unsuccessful.

However, if you are considering contacting a lawyer you should know that waiting to call a lawyer can be a bad idea. Lawyers need time to evaluate your case, gather evidence and prepare a demand letter, among other things.

Our experienced attorneys discuss the importance of not waiting to call an attorney to discuss your accident. We are ready to review your crash to determine how we may be able to help you, and the initial consultation is free of charge.

How Do I Know if I Should Call a Lawyer?

If you were injured in a crash caused by another driver and your injuries have affected you for weeks or months and affected your ability to work, you should seriously consider calling a lawyer.

Claims like these can cost the insurance company a significant amount of money and you can bet they will try to get out of paying full compensation. Even if they do not deny your claim, they may undervalue it, hoping you will accept any amount of compensation.

Even if you are unsure if you have a case, you should contact an experienced Harrisburg vehicle accident lawyer to discuss it. At Schmidt Kramer, the initial consultation is free and there is no obligation to hire our firm. That means there is no risk in discussing the situation to learn about your potential options. Our firm has decades of experience negotiating with insurance companies and recovering fair compensation for victims.

It is important to note it is difficult for crash victims to determine if they have a valid case. There are many factors involved, and unless you have been through the legal process many times before, it can be difficult to know if your case has a chance of success. You can take the guesswork out by reaching out to an experienced attorney.

You also do not want to rely on the insurance company’s evaluation of your claim. They are looking to protect their profits and pay out as little compensation as possible.

When Could it Be Too Late to Call a Lawyer?

The only definitive answer to this question may be when the insurance company deadline and statute of limitations have passed. At that point, it is likely too late for the victim or an attorney to be able to seek compensation.

However, an experienced attorney is probably only going to take a case if he or she thinks there is enough time to investigate and take the other steps necessary to have a chance of success. That is why most attorneys recommend contacting them as soon as possible. Sometimes victims call an attorney from the hospital or even the scene of the crash.

That said, you could contact an attorney weeks or possibly even months after a crash and he or she may be able to help you. There is really no way to know for sure if it is too late until an attorney analyzes your situation. In fact, there are exceptions to the statute of limitations and an attorney may be able to petition the court for more time to build a case.

Most personal injury firms, like Schmidt Kramer, work on contingency. That means there is no upfront fee to discuss your case and no upfront fee while the firm works on your case. Our attorneys do not get paid for representing crash victims unless the victims get paid.

Your injuries could affect you for a long time and once you accept a settlement offer or deadlines pass, you may lose the opportunity to seek more compensation for your damages. You do not want to be left wondering whether you may have had a better outcome with an attorney representing you.

Our attorneys understand insurance company tactics for denying and devaluing claims. We have encountered these tactics countless times and know how to fight back. We also have the resources to take cases to court if necessary.

Unlike insurance companies, we are committed to seeking maximum compensation for your damages. We want you to have the compensation you need to help you move forward.

Unsure How an Attorney Can Help?

Give us a call today to learn more about how we may be able to assist you. For more than 30 years we have been securing compensation for people injured in car crashes. We have obtained millions on behalf of our clients and are ready to help you recover the compensation you need.

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