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Seeking Another Opinion About the Severity of Your Car Accident Injuries

doctor studying patient's jaw linePeople often seek a second opinion about a cancer diagnosis or a diagnosis of many other serious or life-threatening injuries.

However, when an injury results from a car crash, people tend to make a lot of bad decisions afterward. Sometimes people do not seek medical treatment right away, if at all – accident victims have many things to deal with besides their injuries and stress can cause people to forget things.

However, seeking appropriate care for your accident injuries is up to you. If you are unsure if your doctor is taking the appropriate steps to treat your injuries, you should strongly consider seeking a second opinion.

If you have questions about what to do next, or your legal options, give Schmidt Kramer a call to schedule a free legal consultation. Our Harrisburg-based auto accident attorneys have helped many crash victims as they look to recover. There are no upfront fees for our services, so there are no risks.

Reasons People Seek Second Opinions

There are many reasons injury victims might decide to seek another opinion about their crash-related injuries.

For example, maybe you feel like the doctor is not taking your injuries seriously enough. Maybe you think you should be given a referral to a specialist, but the doctor is refusing because he or she thinks it is unnecessary. Your doctor may think your pain is not as severe as you claim it is.

Sometimes victims simply want to make sure the doctor they first saw caught everything. It is possible the second doctor a victim sees will only confirm what the first doctor said. That could give victims some peace of mind that their injuries have been properly diagnosed and are being treated.

There may be situations where your lawyer wants you to be seen by a doctor who would be comfortable appearing as a witness in a deposition or at a trial.

Even if you are open and honest about your injuries with the first doctor you see, you may still want to see another doctor. That said, it is still important to tell the doctor everything. Explain the pain you are feeling and all the ways your injuries affect you. If things get worse, schedule another appointment so your doctor can reassess your injuries. Make sure to disclose all pre-existing medical conditions and old injuries.

Problems with Primary Care Doctors

Primary care doctors are not trained to treat severe car crash injuries, such as concussions or whiplash. You need to see specialists who are trained to treat these injuries and do so on a regular basis.

You may want to do some research to find a qualified doctor to treat you. For example, you may want to ask friends and family members and look at some online reviews.

Will Seeing Another Doctor Cause My Claim to be Denied?

Auto insurance companies are looking for any reason to deny your claim. It is possible they may use you seeking a second opinion as a basis for denying your claim. They may argue you are not as injured as you claim to be. They may say you are just trying to find a doctor who will agree with you so you can seek compensation.

However, this should not factor into your decision-making. If you hire an experienced attorney to represent you, he or she should know how to counter these arguments from the insurance company. It is your right to seek the medical care you need to diagnose and treat your injuries.

If you are unsure if your lawyer can counter the insurance company’s arguments, it may be time to seek a second opinion from another attorney.

Need Help After a Car Crash? Call Schmidt Kramer

Crash victims often have many questions about what to do in the aftermath of an accident. There is much anxiety and confusion, and bad decisions could derail a potential injury claim.

That is why it is so important to seek help from a licensed attorney after a crash. An experienced attorney can determine if you may have a case, what your next steps should be, and the potential value of your damages. An attorney can also manage the legal process on your behalf to protect your claim.

Schmidt Kramer has been helping accident victims for more than three decades and we have obtained millions on behalf of our clients.

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