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Attorney Scott Cooper Speaks at the PA Bar Institute’s “Joint and Several Liability in 2016” Seminar

scott-cooper-speaking-at-PBIBased on his dedicated work regarding Pennsylvania’s law on joint and several liability, renowned trial lawyer Scott Cooper from the law offices of Schmidt Kramer was invited to speak at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s (PBI) “Joint and Several Liability in 2016” seminar.

On March 18, 2016, with more than 100 attendees present, Mr. Cooper presented information at the seminar about the Fair Share Act of 2011 and the dramatic impact it has had on Pennsylvania’s joint and several liability law.

The concept of joint and several liability was developed in England more than 300 years ago, and prior to 2011, Pennsylvania was among only nine U.S. states or commonwealths that still upheld the antiquated law. For over a decade, renowned Pennsylvania lawyers, such as Mr. Cooper, attempted to change this outdated and often unjust law. As a result of the hard work and dedication on behalf of Mr. Cooper and others, the Fair Share Act is now the law in Pennsylvania.

Following the Act’s passage, civil cases with a two-year statute of limitations or cases involving minors may now be tried under comparative negligence laws. Because of this, the manner in which insurance companies’ handle liability litigation in Pennsylvania may be significantly affected — particularly in cases where the at-fault party failed to maintain required insurance.

During the seminar, Mr. Cooper discussed an overview of the Act and how it is gradually re-shaping the way both trial and defense attorneys practice joint and several liability law in PA. He also offered practical tips on working with mediators and negotiating multi-defendant litigations, as well as useful strategies for pleadings and draft settlement agreements.

Due to his active involvement in several noteworthy Pennsylvania legal cases, Mr. Cooper has been asked to speak at numerous PBI events, including the 2015 presentation “Hot Topics in Civil Litigation“, the 2014 presentation “Fundamentals of Personal Injury Program” and the 2014 event “UM/UIM” issues, where he presented materials on The Plaintiff’s Perspective.

As a trusted personal injury trial attorney, Scott Cooper is often invited to speak at numerous legal events throughout Pennsylvania.

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