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Scott Cooper Op-Ed Rejects Claims of Frivolous Lawsuits

scott cooperIn an op-Ed on, Schmidt Kramer partner Scott Cooper offers a rebuttal to the claim that the justice system is inundated with “frivolous lawsuits” that delay justice for those who truly deserve it.

His article is a response to a Feb. 14 op-Ed from former Pennsylvania State Rep. Curt Schroder who referenced a 2016 lawsuit filed against a “coffee shop” by consumers who accused the company of not using enough cream in its lattes.

Cooper notes that Schroder intentionally failed to mention that coffee shop is the international corporation Starbucks, and that the class action lawsuit alleged that the company had systematically deceived and overcharged consumers by giving them less than what they paid for. The lawsuit claimed that Starbuck’s Lattes are approximately 25 percent under-filled.

In his op-Ed, Schroder argued that this case is the perfect example of unnecessary lawsuits that clog the civil justice system. Through his new position with the Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform, a group that claims to be dedicated to addressing imbalances in the justice system, Schroder is now dedicated to reforming Pennsylvania’s tort system.

Schroder’s op-Ed accuses these types of lawsuits of delaying justice, hindering economic progress and harming the state’s citizens by targeting job creators and medical institutions. He ends his piece by stating that the only people who benefit from class action lawsuits are the attorneys involved.

Cooper argues that the initiatives being promoted by Schroder and the Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform are designed to profit corporate entities by eliminating the right for U.S. consumers to hold them accountable for deceptive business practices and fraud.

Cooper noted that without the ability to sue companies for deceptive practices, what options do consumers have for protecting their rights? He argues that there is nothing frivolous about suing a company that is potentially committing fraud. Consumers have a right to get what they pay for.

At Schmidt Kramer, we strongly advocate for consumers’ right to take action against businesses that employ illegal or unethical practices. Our Harrisburg law firm has been committed to defending the rights of Pennsylvania residents for more than 25 years.