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Schmidt Kramer Featured In

Schmidt Kramer’s Scott Cooper provided a short interview to Daniel Urie of  Below is the 3-minute interview which is this week’s feature.

3-minute interview: Scott B. Cooper, Partner, Schmidt Kramer PC, Harrisburg. Schmidt Kramer PC is located in Harrisburg.

Q: Tell us about Schmidt Kramer PC.

A: Schmidt Kramer helps people deal with serious injuries after they or a loved one are injured by the negligent, reckless or intention conduct of another person or company. This provides peace of mind and allows people to focus on getting their health back. The firm has been providing clients with professional, personalized, and ethical representation for almost 30 years throughout Pennsylvania.

Q: What made you decide to become an attorney?

A: I have always been someone who likes to be around people and try to help in some fashion. As an attorney, especially personal injury law, I (and our firm) help to make people’s lives better after they are injured through no fault of their own.

Q: Tell us about your involvement with the Pennsylvania Association for Justice?

A: I am the current president of the statewide trial lawyers association, the Pennsylvania Association for Justice. The one year term is a volunteer position where I focus most of my time for the year on helping preserve the rights of injured victims and their families.

Q: What kind of advice would you give to a young person who is considering a career in law?

A: Make sure you have a mentor to give you advice and even try to volunteer for a summer or semester observing that person to make certain it is something you actually want to do. The commitment is not easy but once you make it, the career is worth it.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your workplace, or what would you change if you could?

A: The people and the fact that we all work as a team where no one is above or below another person and we care about one another. One change I would make is trying to get the everyday person to understand that being injured and going to court is not something a person who is injured through no fault of their own asks for.

Schmidt Kramer has a reputation for being a Pennsylvania injury law firm you can count on and our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys work hard to make sure our clients can do just that—count on us.  When you hire our Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyers, we walk you through the entire legal process and help you throughout your case. We have helped others get back on their feet and we can help you, too.  Call us today by dialing 8 at 717-888-8888.