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President Biden Signs Law Eliminating Statutes of Limitations for Federal Child Sex Abuse Cases

statute of limitations with law bookEarlier this month, President Biden signed a new bill into law that eliminates federal statutes of limitations for civil cases involving child sexual abuse cases.

The law, which is titled Eliminating Limits to Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims Act, applies to civil claims involving sex abuse crimes against minors, such as sexual abuse and exploitation, sex trafficking and forced labor.

It is important to note this law only applies to claims based on federal law. Claims based on state law are still covered by state statutes of limitations. In Pennsylvania, sex abuse victims have until age 55 to file claims.

The new federal law recognizes that child sex abuse victims need more time to pursue legal action. It often takes many years for victims to decide to come forward.

The new law is not retroactive, which means it does not apply to claims that have already been barred by old statutes of limitations or to claims involving incidents that have already happened.

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