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State Police Arrest Cumberland County EMS Chief for Alleged Sexual Assault of Minor

handcuffs on table with arrest formsAn EMS station chief in Cumberland County is alleged to have had an unlawful sexual relationship with a teenage female.

The station chief was arrested and has been indefinitely suspended from his post. He was charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault of someone under the age of 16, corruption of minors, indecent assault of someone under 16 and sexual assault by a volunteer or employee at a nonprofit organization.

The alleged victim was taking part in an EMS program at Yellow Breeches Station in 2021. She took classes and participated in a ride-along program.

Pennsylvania State Police were told about the alleged assault in May of last year. The police interviewed the victim, and she said station chief Douglas Shields inappropriately touched and kissed her behind the station. She also said that she and the station chief got undressed in her dorm room, got into bed and engaged in sexual activity.

The alleged victim stayed at the station about seven to 10 times, and sexual intercourse happened multiple times when she stayed at the station. According to state police, the station chief invited the victim to his house and talked to her on Snapchat.

The police talked to the station chief at his house, and he said he was friends with the victim. However, he denied making any sexual comments.

There will be a preliminary hearing in this case on March 22. The Yellow Breeches station put a statement on Facebook about the situation. The statement says they are “deeply saddened by the allegations.”

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