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PA Man Appeals to Avoid Paying Mom’s $93000 Nursing Home Tab

Recently, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that John Pitta, age 47, is liable for his mother’s nearly $93,000 nursing home bill from Liberty Nursing Rehabilitation Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The ruling is based on a filial support law that… Read More

Response to Attacks on Nursing Home Safety

In the article "Nursing Homes' Bid for Law to Limit Punitive Damages Stalls in Harrisburg," July 3, representatives of the nursing home industry seriously misstate the facts about lawsuits filed against them in an effort to lessen legal protections for… Read More

Why Is Mandatory Arbitration In Nursing Home Contracts Wrong?

Below is a Letter to the Editor in the July 2, 2012 edition of the Legal Intelligencer explaining why mandatory arbitration provisions in nursing home contracts are wrong. What other reasons do you have why these provisions should be prohibited and found… Read More

Trial Court Refuses To Enforce Nursing Home Binding Arbitration Agreement

Do you believe that pre-treatment binding arbitration agreements to nursing homes are valid?  This means that even before a person has been admitted to a nursing home facility they, or their loved one, would agree to arbitrate any negligence claims as… Read More