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Two Schmidt Kramer Attorneys Named Lawyer of the Year; Five Receive Best Lawyers Distinction for 2016

best-lawyers-of-the-year-2016In a remarkable feat, two esteemed attorneys from the Law Offices of Schmidt Kramer have received the distinguished honor of Lawyer of the Year, while five attorneys received recognition as one of Central Pennsylvania’s Best Lawyers® of 2016.

The list of Central Pennsylvania’s Lawyers of the Year and Best Lawyers includes attorneys whose skills and dedication have earned them the respect and admiration of area lawyers and other legal professionals, as well as members of the community they serve.

Each year, hundreds of lawyers from across the United States are nominated for the recognition of Lawyer of the Year or Best Lawyer, yet only a select few are deemed worthy of the title in their respective location.

2016 Lawyers of the Year

Charles E. Schmidt, Jr. and Gerald C. Kramer were both awarded the title of 2016 Lawyer of the Year by the Best Lawyers publication.

Mr. Schmidt received his recognition for his outstanding performance in Medical Malpractice Law.

Mr. Kramer received his title for his diligent work in Personal Injury Ligation for Plaintiffs.

Both Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kramer are featured in the 2016 edition of The Best Lawyers in America.

Central Pennsylvania’s Best Lawyers of 2016

For the Central Pennsylvania area, five Schmidt Kramer lawyers were honored with the distinction of Best Lawyer for consistently being a top performer in their corresponding areas of practice. They were also featured in the 2016 edition of The Best Lawyers in America.

The Schmidt Kramer attorneys who have received the 2016 title of Best Lawyer are:

Charles E. Schmidt, Jr.—Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Litigation (Plaintiffs)

Gerald C. Kramer—Personal Injury Litigation (Plaintiffs)

Scott B. Cooper—Personal Injury Litigation (Plaintiffs)

Michael E. Kosik—Personal Injury Litigation (Plaintiffs)

Daryl E. Christopher—Insurance Law, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Litigation (Plaintiffs), Product Liability Litigation (Plaintiffs)

For over thirty years, the title of Lawyer of the Year and Best Lawyer has been widely regarded as a significant honor by legal professionals and clients alike. Attorneys who are privileged enough to receive these honors have earned the respect of their peers, community members, clients, neighbors and friends.

Therefore, the attorneys and staff at Schmidt Kramer would like to congratulate our colleagues on their exemplary awards for a job well done.

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